Privacy Heroes

Här är tjänsterna som skyddar ditt privatliv.

We don’t track you, and you control your data.

Every week there’s more bad news about the Internet: massive data breaches, privacy scandals, and unwarranted government surveillance, to name a few recurring themes. At the center of each of these big stories are tech companies that take in billions of dollars by mining private information about your behaviors and beliefs. From search engines, browsers, and email providers to cloud storage, chat apps, and social media, you’re being exploited and exposed online. Internet service providers and even device manufacturers are all in the game.

Here’s where we come in. If you see us on the street, we’re just regular old programmers, engineers, scientists, and designers. But here in cyberspace, we spring into action. Our mission? To make the Internet a safe place to conduct business, browse the web, and store sensitive data.

Each of us has a role to play (call it our super power). Brave and DuckDuckGo help you browse and search the Internet without being tracked by advertisers. Tresorit stores your files and documents safely in the cloud. Threema and ProtonMail let you send chats and emails with privacy. And ProtonVPN encrypts your whole Internet connection to block others from listening in.

We’ve joined forces to fight for a safer Internet that respects your privacy and secures your sensitive data against criminals.

Will you join us, too?

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